5 Great Ideas for Building Your Custom Kitchen

Posted on: August 19, 2013
Tags: Home Design Ideas
Custom Kitchen Built by Cullen Brothers

One of the best things about opting for a custom home is you get to build a house that you truly love. Instead of starting your house hunt with lots of big plans, only to end up settling for a place that doesn't have many of the features you wanted, going the custom route means you don't have to make one compromise after another.

Of all the areas in a home, the kitchen stands out as an area where most custom homeowners really take a lot of pride. The reason is not only do they get to enjoy an ideal kitchen on a daily basis, but they also know that when they eventually put their house on the market, their top-notch kitchen is going to have a positive impact on their selling price.

Although it's an exciting area to focus on, if you're currently in the process of deciding exactly what you want for your custom kitchen, it can actually get a little overwhelming at times. Because there are so many great options available, trying to narrow them down can be a challenge. Since this process can definitely have its stressful moments, we wanted to help make it a little easier to focus on what matters the most by touching on the five key traits of a great kitchen:

Work Triangle

The obvious purpose of a kitchen is to prepare delicious food. A great kitchen design fully supports that goal instead of getting in the way of it. Having a triangular work design is the best way to maximize a kitchen's functionality.


In addition to cooking, the kitchen is where your family is going to do everything from homework to snack. As a result of its central draw, it needs to feel just as comfortable with 2 people as it does with 5 or 6.

Visual Appeal

While functionality is the top priority for a kitchen, that doesn't mean you have to settle for one that's ugly. On the contrary, visual appeal is a very important factor. Since this is a main area of your home and one that you're going to see throughout the day, you want it to enhance your house as a whole instead of being some type of eyesore.


Although this trait is closely related to visual appeal, the reason it's worth addressing on its own is because consistency serves as a type of glue for really pulling together a kitchen's entire design. Because there are so many neat things that can be added to a kitchen, it can honestly take some self-control to resist that temptation and stick with a consistent theme that's going to produce the best outcome.

Lots of Light

A great kitchen shouldn't be closed off. Instead, it should actually be a source of natural light. When a kitchen has plenty of natural light, it's going to look great and make this spot a truly delightful place to spend time.

If you need any additional inspiration for your custom kitchen, be sure to check out our online gallery of custom kitchens we've built and remodeled.

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